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Donating to FACES

You may be wondering:

    Should I donate FOOD or should I donate MONEY?

FACES appreciates ANYTHING you can give, but your monetary donations go farther than your food donations.

For example:

  • Say you spend $10.00 at the grocery store and bring those donations to FACES. You could probably buy a box of cereal for $2.00, 2 boxes of pasta at $1 each, and 5 cans of soup, and after taxes, you're at your $10 limit.

  • If you give FACES a $10.00 donation, we can buy up to 67 pounds of food!  For every 15 you donate, we can buy one pound of food from the Virginia Food Bank!


AGAIN, we appreciate anything you can give, but a money donation will go farther. All of the money you donate goes to making FACES run, as all workers are volunteers.

How to Donate Food: We Greatly Encourage Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Contributions. Please Grow a Row for Charity
Food Hours:
Thursdays 9:30am - Noon & 5:00pm - 6:15pm
Saturdays 8:00am - 11:00am
Or call for special appointment:
(434) 395-0038 between 9:00am & 5:00pm
or call FACES Food Pantry at ((434) 392-0277

Contact : Bobby Eiban

                Email: Beiban@kinex.net

                (H) : (434) 395-0038


How to Donate Money:

Send Check payable to "FACES" to:

               P.O. Box 644

              Farmville, VA 23901



You can donate cash at area churches.